David Neagle – The Miracle Of Money


The Miracle of Money is a 8-Module Self Study Program (including 2 Bonus modules) designed to give you a greater understanding of the true history of money

Author: David Neagle


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David Neagle – The Miracle Of Money

David Neagle - The Miracle Of Money

What exactly is the Miracle of Money?

The Miracle of Money is a 8-Module Self Study Program (including 2 Bonus modules) designed to give you a greater understanding of the true history of money, how it’s been manipulated through time and passed on to you so that you can rewrite that story to one that supports your objectives, goals and dreams. You’ll then be given ACTIONABLE STEPS so you can take your new money story and apply it to very specific areas of your business, whether it’s sales, marketing, start-up of a new business… or business and personal relationships.

So what is a money story?

These are the beliefs many of us have about money. And none of them are true.

Not. One. Word.

Must trade my time for money – there is no other way.
Without money, there is nothing I can do to make an impact.
I need more money to get to where I want to be.

They’ll never pay me what I’m charging.

All my clients will leave if I increase my prices.

When I make the money, everything will be okay.

Money is “The Root of All Evil”!

Here’s the truth:

If you aren’t earning the money you want, the story you have about money doesn’t support your dreams and goals.

Think about that for a minute.

Your belief about money is actually counterproductive to the life you want.

All the struggle, the worry, and the frustrations we have around money are a result of our belief system surrounding money. Unless you change your view of money-unless you rewrite your money story-you will continue to stay stuck.

Are you ready to change your view of money and change your income?

A 35% increase in revenue in less than 90 days!

“In less than 90 days of working with David I’ve already made 35% MORE compared to this same time last year! That’s a huge increase and the best part is, it all feels so easy. David is THE master at transforming small thinking into big leaps forward in life and business. Thanks to his teachings I’ve made quantum shifts in my money, my mindset and my belief in how easy life and business can be. Just one of the ideas he gave me is going to be produce multiple 7 figures in my business. Every time I’m with David – live or virtually – I feel a huge door of possibility open up and a clear path of success laid out in front of me. And I love David’s direct, “get to the bottom line” style that knocks the excuses right out of you and puts you on a path of personal power to achieve what you’ve only previously dreamed of.”

kendall summerhawk
Million Dollar Marketing Coach

01 | Learn at your own pace:
The entire Miracle of Money Curriculum is delivered upon completion of your registration, so you get to decide when and how fast you learn.
02 | Learn according to your own learning style:
This program is delivered via audio download, PDF written transcript with valuable key concepts and action-oriented exercises.
03 | Refer back any time:
All materials are yours to keep. Download the materials to your computer or mobile device and continue to use the course as a trusted resource whenever you need it.

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